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Please note:

1. Unfortunately, I am not able to accept new patients at this time.

2. This practice is Out of Network for all insurances. Also, the same rates will apply for telehealth and in-person appointments.

Comprehensive Initial Psychiatric Assessment

75 minutes. $400.

During this appointment, I will review your intake questionnaire with you, ask follow up questions, and really spend the time to understand the issues you are facing and the factors influencing you. I will share my impressions and treatment recommendations. Together, we will come up with an action plan for our work together, including goals for psychotherapy, prescription medication, over the counter medications or vitamins, and lifestyle modifications.


Therapy Follow Up Appointments

50 minutes. $220.

Note that the same rate will apply for sessions with or without the medication management component.


Medication Management Appointments

25 minutes. $170.

These appointments are primarily focused on medication management (whether you are noticing improvement, monitoring for side effects), and also include discussion about other lifestyle factors, and some brief psychotherapy as indicated.

Non-Clinical Services

Workshops/Lectures/Written Materials

In addition to my experience with direct clinical care, I have a Masters in Public Health, with a focus Behavioral Science and Health Education, and I have worked as a health communication intern for the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This means I am skilled in presenting concepts in an accessible and engaging way. I am also a certified mindfulness group leader, and have led several courses through the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion at Cambridge Health Alliance. 


For work samples or to discuss price quotes for projects, please fill out the contact form!

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