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An Introduction to Mindfulness on "Black Mental Health Matters" Podcast!

Happy New Year! This time last year, I had the opportunity to do something a bit outside of my comfort zone and be a guest on the “Black Mental Health Matters” Podcast, hosted by one of my awesome past attendings, child psychiatrist Dr. Kerry Ann Williams!

In it, I lead three short mindfulness practices:

  1. A exercise in savoring and beginner’s mind, using the simple practice of applying hand lotion!

  2. A self compassion break, with 3 simple steps to begin to offer yourself compassion for moments of suffering.

  3. Mindful stretching, using small movements, focusing on noticing the sensations present in your body, NOT on achieving any certain pose.

On the podcast, we discuss some of the benefits of mindfulness and why you should consider adding even a few moments of intentional awareness to your day. With these short practices you can add mindfulness to your day without necessarily adding another obligation to your calendar or item to your shopping cart (I’m looking at you mindful coloring books, knitting kits…)!


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